Phaidon The Lebanese Kitchen Cook Book

The Lebanese Kitchen brings together more than 500 recipes, ranging from light, tempting mezes, to rich and hearty main courses. 

On the shores of the eastern Mediterranean and a gateway to the Middle East, the food of Lebanon blends textures, colours, scents and flavours from both, and has long been regarded as one of the most refined cuisines in the Middle East. Many areas of Lebanon produce a range of home-grown fruit and vegetables such as tomatoes, apples, figs, beans, grapes and citrus fruits, and there are many traditional recipes that show the uses that resourceful home cooks have developed to make the most of seasonal produce. 

A combination of old favourites and some inspiring surprises, The Lebanese Kitchen is a must for everyone with an interest in this wholesome and delicious cuisine.

  • Salma Hage has over 50 years’ experience cooking traditional Lebanese meals
  • Additional recipes from guest chefs provide a unique glimpse into the kitchens of some of the world’s finest Lebanese restaurants

About the author: Salma Hage, a Lebanese housewife from Mazarat Tiffah (Apple Hamlet), in the mountains of the Kadisha Valley in north Lebanon, has over 50 years experience of family cooking. In The Lebanese Kitchen, she presents a comprehensive list of her own recipes for family favourites, along with classic dishes handed from generation to generation. 

  • Hardback
  • English
  • 27cm x 18cm
  • 512 pages
  • 200 colour illustrations
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