LOQI Shopping Bag Cool People Collection

Cool people carry cool shopping bags. Get one for yourself from the Cool People Collection from LOQI.

LOQI is fashioned to fit in with your lifestyle. Perfect for doing the grocery shopping, going to the gym, enjoying the beach, taking baby for an outing or travelling the globe, stash your LOQI bag in your pocket, purse or handbag, so it's always with you. LOQI reusable bags are exceptional value, with a generous inside pocket and an additional zippered pouch, perfect for your extras. The bold & colourful designs won't fade and are water resistant. Did we mention it holds up to 20kg?

Flashing girls. Moustachioed misters. Loony lumberjacks. Snake spinsters. Be blown away by LOQI's Cool People Collection, designed by Cristina Caramida. This double sided bag print shows off a different design on the front and back.

  • LOQIs are light - you wont even notice the 55g bag and pouch in your handbag or pocket
  • eco friendly - no more plastic bags
  • strong - your LOQI will safely hold up to 20kg
  • handy inside pocket features a flap for security
  • LOQIs easily fold up for storage in their matching zippered pouch or can be easily rolled up and cliped together
  • bold, colourful patterns will not fade
Material: Water resistant polyester

  • Bag: 50cm wide x 42cm high (69cm including handles)
  • Inside pocket: 16.5cm x 14cm
  • Pouch: 11.5cm x 11.5cm
Item Code : LQB1-CPFG
Manufacturer Code : CP.FG
Barcode : 4260317651739
Item in packaging
Length: 11.5 cm
Width : 3 cm
Height : 11.5 cm
Weight : 0.056 kg
Item size and weight
Length: 50 cm
Width : 1 cm
Height : 69 cm
Weight : kg
Capacity : ml
Item details
Material : Polyester

Category: Backpacks, Bags and Totes, LOQI

Type: Unknown Type

Vendor: LOQI

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