Phaidon Wine Bar Theory

Wine Bar Theory is a business book like no other: a thinker’s business model. David Gilbertson’s 28 Rules are no-nonsense, refreshingly simple lessons for how to run an efficient business and work smart.

Wine Bar Theory is an attitude and an approach to work. You don't necessarily need to know anything about business to read it. By helping you find the things at work you can do better and those you don't need to do at all, the jargon-free rules save you time. The time you save, you can use to go and enjoy yourself in a wine bar. Don't like wine bars? No problem! Play ball, knit a sweater, go fish instead. Or maybe give yourself time to think. 

Aimed at students, employees, managers, entrepreneurs, small ambitious businesses and the big businesses that want compete with them, Wine Bar Theory’s rules include: make your business sustainable; keep it simple; know where you are going; insist on the best; and be brave, not reckless. And all head for one goal: work smarter, not harder.

  • Pocket-sized yet powerful, business guru David Gilbertson’s ‘28 rules’ for success in business are pithy, practical and persuasive
  • Lack of business jargon sets it apart from much of the competition and gives the book broad appeal
  • Covers every element of business, from how to cut costs, to keeping it simple, to how to sustain growth and how to lead well
  • Features illustrations by Bill Butcher, illustrator for global publications including the Financial Times and the Economist

About the author: David Gilbertson began his career as a business journalist. As a CEO, he built the oldest newspaper in the world from a loss-maker into one of the world's largest business media groups, with customers all over the globe and annual sales of more than a billion dollars. On that journey he launched, acquired and ran businesses of all shapes and sizes. He lives in London where he now works as an independent advisor to media companies and institutional investors.

  • Hardback
  • English
  • 17.8cm x 12cm
  • 128 pages
  • 30 colour illustrations

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