Nanoblock Violin

  • With between 80-150 blocks, each nanoblock™ Musical Instrument takes between 10-30 minutes to complete
  • The smallest block measures just 4mmx4mm.
  • Includes detailed color instructions & spare blocks
  • Popular with boys & girls 8+ years
  • Loved by teenagers and adults up to 80 years old
  • The smaller the blocks, the better the detail

Nanoblock is a Japanese mico-sized building block system. The smallest block is only 4mmx4mmx5mm. Nanoblocks are challenging and fun for all the family. Nanoblock lets you build in greater detail than ever before and their range includes the “mini series” and “sights to see”

Suitable for ages 12+

Category: Gifts For Boys

Type: Kids,Teenagers

Vendor: vendor-unknown

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