Men U Barbiere Pure Bristle Shave Brush

Give your man the gift of a smooth and close shave with this Barbiere Shave Brush. This Italian-made pure bristle brush comes with a stand that would look right at home in a 5-star hotel bathroom and will add a touch of sophisticated class to his bath area. It also comes with a mini-container of high quality Men-U shaving cream, that is good for up to 20 shaves. Together, they create a rich and creamy lather that will give him the closest and most comfortable shave that is available this side of the barber shop.

This bristle brush not only helps to create a rich lather for shaving, it has the perfect balance between comfort and resistance to raise facial hair while invigorating the skin.

To use, immerse the brush in warm water and shake to remove excess water and then apply the shaving cream. Using a circular motion, work up the cream to a rich lather. Rinse the brush after use and rehang on the stand with the bristles pointed down.


How to Shave Properly

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