Sending Gifts to Australia-Top Tips


 Check out the shipping costs


As we know Australia is a pretty long way from anywhere! Be sure to check where the supplier is based and make sure they give you an accurate cost for shipping the goods. Most good websites will make it easy to find this information and the costs are gradually coming down.

Some websites will charge according to the weight of the total order and this means that you may not know the actual cost of the shipping until you get to the checkout stage. At Australian Gifts online we are great belivers in keeping things simple and we just charge a flat rate depending on the destination country.

Find all the info about our shipping costs here.


Does the website offer a Gift Wrapping Service?


Most people who send gifts to Australia are buying for friends or relatives who are celebrating a special occasion. It can seem a little impersonal if you just send an item without it being wrapped. Choose a website that offers gift wrapping with a gift card for an added personal touch. Most good gift websites will offer this service for a small charge and this makes a really big difference to the recipient.

Find all the details about our gift wrapping service here.


Check the exchange rate


If you are buying gifts for people in Australia and you live in a different country it is always wise to check the cost of the gift in your local currency. Depending on where you are located and the current market situation the exchange rate can make a big difference in the overall cost. Many websites now have the functionality for you to view products in multiple currencies, look for a drop down box which is usually on the top of the page.




Check reviews of the website


Check for reviews of the website on the internet and on their own site. Naturally the ones on the website will most likely have been added by the business owner but you may find other reviews online that are a little more impartial. Websites such as WOMO are a good place to check reviews of all sorts of businesses.

Check our WOMO profile here and Check recent product reviews here


Delivery times


It is always worth checking how long it will take for your order to be delivered as it can be very frustrating if it takes a long time to arrive. If you are buying a gift for an occasion this is especially important as you do not want it to arrive late.

There are an increasing amount of “drop shipping” websites popping up now and these websites do not actually hold any stock and they rely on their suppliers to ship the goods on their behalf. This added link in the chain can really slow things down and can also lead to issues of items being sold when they are out of stock.


Variety of products


At times like Christmas it is really useful to find a website where you can buy gifts for everyone. To avoid placing multiple orders and paying lots of postage costs why not buy for the whole family at Australian Gifts Online. Our shipping is free if you spend over $99 and our gift wrapping is only $4.95 for the entire order.


Secure payments


Naturally online security is essential, before buying anything online make sure that the website is secured by a reputable and trusted company like Eway.


Ease of contact


A good way to ensure trust is to check the ease of which you can find the contacts of the people that run the website. Check out the About Us and Contact Us pages and read up a bit about the people that you are buying from. If it is difficult to find information about the owners/operators the website may not be as trustworthy as it should be.