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The Perfect Pedicure At Home


If your toes are in need of a pedicure, you can prep and polish them affordably and within the comfort of your own home. All you need are a few simple tools, a pretty polish, and some lotions and potions that will moisturise your feet, making them soft, fresh, and fabulous.

First, be sure to remove any old polish. Choosing a polish remover that is made of organic ingredients or does not contain acetone will ensure nourishment to nails as you are stripping polish. Certain companies boast polish remover pads but a good old cotton ball will definitely get the job done.

Next, fill your tub with warm water and add some luxurious bath salts or foot soak. Let your feet soak and savor the smells and sensation of the warm water. Feel free to pour some Epsom salt or a bit of bubble bath in the tub.

Then, with nail clippers, begin to clip and file your toe nails to shape and shorten them. Emery boards come in all kinds of brands, shapes, and sizes, so opt for a high grain number on the board. The higher the number is on the nail board, the finer the grit will be. Generally, natural nails are in need of a finer grit. This is because the grit is gentle on the nails and nail beds.        

Next, use a pumice stone to smooth the dead skin around your cuticles, heel, and border of your foot. It will remove dead skin cells, dry patches, and leave your feet soft and sensational.  You can make your own foot scrub at home by gathering 8-10 strawberries, 2 tablespoons of apricot oil, and 1 teaspoon of sea salt. Mix all of the ingredients together and massage onto your feet. Wash away and feel soft and smooth.  Australian Gifts Online also sells a body scrub that can double as a foot scrub. The scrub, made my Absolutely Gorgeous is called Island Kiss and is a delicious smelling and all natural sugar scrub that comes in a luxury body soothing kit called Absolutely Heavenly Bodies Kit.           

Then, take your tootsies out of the tub and dry them with a plush towel. Begin applying your favorite lotion onto them. An ideal lotion is the Lavender and Mandarin Hand and Body by all natural company, Absolutely Gorgeous, because natural ingredients like Sesame, Jojoba, and Sweet Almond Oil are used to lock in moisture and give your feet a smooth and soft finish.

Next, once you are moisturised, use a cuticle stick to push back unsightly cuticles. Cuticle trimmers can also be used to snip away the skin so the nail bed is ready for polish.  Use toe separators before adding a splash of color so they do not touch and smudge the polish being applied.

Finally, apply a smooth and clear top coat. This will add shine and prevent breaking and chipping. You’re your nails are dry, paint on the first coat of polish. The current polish trend shows bright neon colors are all the rage this season and nude and light pink tones are always classic and in style. Some sizzling shades to try are yellow-as the color will pop when paired up against pink shoes or flip flops. Coral toned polish looks exotic and adds more excitement than a pale pink. Deep blue-green tones look sexy when paired with a little black dress. Soft rose also looks posh and sweet and is appropriate for formal and casual looks.

The perfect pedicure can happen at home anytime by utilizing a few grooming resources, a little time, and for a small amount of money!

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Get Beach Ready in 7 Simple Steps


When it comes to slipping into a swim suit and hitting the beach, your body needs to be prepped and primed so you look beach ready. Follow these simple 7 steps (1 step per day) to looking body and beach beautiful on the surf and turf.


Step #1

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Buff away rough and dry patches of skin by giving yourself a smoothing massage. There are many products you can use to give your legs, arms, and back a glowing finish. Australian Gifts Online features a variety of beauty baskets that contain exfoliators. One basket that contains a loofah pad and a body scrub is the Absolutely Gorgeous Heavenly Bodies Kit. Another body beautifying basket that contains an exfoliating sistal shower glove is the Absolutely Gorgeous Essentials Gift Set. Using a loofah pad or glove, squeeze a small amount of soap or body wash onto the pad and scrub gently away. You will be amazed at how soft and smooth your skin will feel.


Step # 2

Moisturise! Now that your skin in supple and smooth, keep it that way by using a body butter or custard. Body butters and Body Custards are a whipped goodness that packs a powerful punch of organic ingredients like Vitamin E, Sesame, Jojoba, and Sweet Almond Oils that sooth, smooth, and hydrate all while having a lighter than air texture. Some great moisturizers to try are the Mango and Berry Body Butter, The Coconut and Lime Body Custard, and Vanilla Bean Body Butter which can all be found on Australian Gifts Online. Soaps have moisturising qualities to them as well. Absolutely Gorgeous has a Cup Cake soap that cleans and moisturizes all while smelling like a delicious treat to eat!


Step #3

Get a manicure or pedicure. Or, better yet, give yourself a mani and pedi! There are great kits to try and buy that provide you with the tools you need to shorten, shape, and polish your fingers and toes. Pumice stones diminish dry skin and rough patches on the bottom of your feet while creamy and dreamy hand and nail repair lotion reverses the effects of harsh weather and unkempt nail beds. A great hand cream to try that naturally nourishes nails and nail beds by Absolutely Gorgeous is the Healing Hand and Nail Cream. It uses a blend of herbs to soften even the harshest hands and smells like lavender and mandarin.


Step #4

Build a base tan. You can tan naturally and safely by using a self-tanner. Many products offer a lotion formula that you spread on evenly and it builds overtime to the tone you desire. Be sure to wear plastic gloves to avoid getting orange palms and do a little extra exfoliating to areas like elbows and knees, as they tend to be rougher than other areas on the body and will appear darker once applied with the tanner. Contouring cleavage and collarbones with bronzer also helps add definition and a dash of sparkle in all the right places. Be sure to moisturize with a body butter to keep your tan looking hydrated.


Step #5

Apply bronzer. Your body is bronze and sculpted so your face should also look the part. Bronzer is a great tool to contour the natural curves of your face. In order to be bronze and beautiful, apply a tinted moisturiser to accommodate your skin tone. Then, using a powder bronzer and large bronzing brush, make a number 3 on your face. Begin by brushing a curved line from your temple and sweep inward across your cheek bone. Then, at your cheekbones, make one sweeping curved line that descends over your jaw. Apply a light sweep of a sparkly coral blush or highlighter and voila! Instantly sculpted cheek bones and a bronze and highlighted face.


Step #6

Mask frizz and protect strands. Beach hair looks playful and effortless, but the sun, saltwater, and sand can really take a toll on your once luscious locks. Apply a light layer of sunscreen to your scalp when getting ready to hit the surf or sand. Some combs come complete with sunscreen or essential oils baked into them so you can comb it through and go. Other products can be spritzed before or after a swim in the ocean or pool to not only protect your hair but keep frizz under control. Be sure to use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner or even a hair mask once a week to avoid split ends and a dull, dry, and drab look. There are many colorful headbands that are stylish yet functional as they keep hair in place or out of your face.


Step #7

Go natural! If you are smooth, hydrated, and bronzed you need little to no make-up at all! Avoid pesky eyeliner, heavy concealer, or lipstick when hitting the beach as they will feel heavy and “melt” off. If make-up is a must, keep it simple. Opt for a coat of water-proof mascara and a light application of tinted chapstick that has an SPF count. This way, your lips will sparkle, stay moisturized, and get protection from the sun.

By following these 7 steps, you can guarantee you will be beautiful and beach ready!

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