Dress Up Your Desk

Posted on March 02, 2014 by Paul Leach


Most full-time employees are spending 33.3% of their day at work. With all that time at the office, why not dress up your desk and make your work space more personal:


Troika Paper Weights

Nothing makes a statement quite like a Troika paper weight. These shiny chrome plated paper weights not only look good on your desk but each one comes with a pull back friction motor for those times when you feel like playing instead of working. They're also magnetic and function as paper clip holders. Choose from a 1928 Grand Prix car, Easy Rider motorcycle or Sky Breaker airplane.




Kaweco AL Sport Fountain Pens

Whether you're signing a memo or writing important dates on your calendar, you should always have a Kaweco AL Sport Fountain Pen within reach. Available in black or silver, these solid aluminum pens are sturdy and stylish. They arrive in a beautiful tin and include two black and one blue ink cartridges. We also carry replacement cartridges in packs of six so you'll never have to worry about running out of ink.




Didgeridoonas Daily Jottings

Style up your desk with a Didgeridoonas Daily Jottings. It's Australian made and features a tough oilskin outer, lined canvas. Inside you'll find a hardcover A5 notepad, pen holder and deep pockets to hold everything from your business cards to your passport. It's the perfect accessory to keep on your desk when you need to take notes, keep track of important dates or store all of your important papers in one place.




iDock Speaker Phone

Always misplacing your mobile phone at work? Tired of hunting through your desk drawers for its charger? The iDock Speaker Phone is a “throne for your phone.” Dock your phone into the base and you're ready to charge the battery, play music and even talk to your friends and family on the retro handset. Add the iDock Speaker Phone to your desk and stop worrying about where you left your phone.




Desktop Stress Rocket

If you want to add some personality to your desk, you need the Desktop Stress Rocket. Frustrations fly away when this foam rocket lifts off into the air. When you're not using it to blast away your stress, the Desktop Stress Rocket can be a real conversation piece with your co-workers. Put one on your desk and you'll become the most popular person in the office on days when your co-workers need to blast off their own workplace stress.


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