Let's Bake Biscuits! Cookie Cutters from Australian Gifts Online

Posted on September 20, 2014 by Paul Leach


 Letter Pressed Cookie Cutters/Stampers

Let your biscuits do the talking with Letter Pressed Cookie Cutters/Stampers. Stamp your letters into the dough and create your own messages for friends and family. What will your biscuits have to say:


Cursed Cookies

Has somebody done you wrong? Channel your energy into baking some Cursed Cookies. Better than a voodoo doll, Cursed Cookies are so cute you'll bake away your grudge:


Dinosaur Cookies

Bring your biscuits to life. Dinosaur Cookies help you bake 3D versions of your biscuits into dinosaur shapes. Collect all four Dinosaur Cookie cutters and whip your own jurassic batch of mighty Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus and T. Rex dinosaurs:



More baking accessories:


Baking in the kitchen is a great way to spend time with your family. From mom's pretty dress to the kids' matching shirts, keep those clothes clean with aprons for everyone in your family:


And now that your biscuits are baked, where are you going to store them? Claude Cookie Jar will be happy to hold those freshly-baked treats:

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Magnetic Poetry for Kids of All Ages

Posted on July 26, 2014 by Paul Leach


Oxford English Dictionary says there are about a quarter of a million English words. Celebrate the love of language with Magnetic Poetry sets designed for kids of all ages:


Magnetic Poetry First Words

Little learners will love the First Words set that introduces them to words like sun, flower, yellow, monkey, jump and a whole tin box full of other fun words. The magnets are large enough for small hands to grasp easily and the kids can even come up with silly sentences like “My dog said stop the cheese candy dance!”


Magnetic Poetry Kid Genius

Increase your kids' brain power. Magnetic Poetry Kid Genius edition is a great vocabulary builder for ages 3 and up. Inside the convenient carrying tin you'll find 270 double-sided word magnets. One side has a common word, such as “happy.” Flip it over and the other side of the magnet shows children a more advanced word, such as “jubilant:”


Magnetic Poetry Genius

All grown up and want to get in on the fun? The Magnetic Poetry Genius version includes over 240 words that will sharpen your vocabulary and make you look like a brainiac, whether you're talking to your friends or trying to impress the boss. Inside the box you'll be introduced to words like obsequious, trenchant, obdurate and unctuous:

Magnetic Poetry Office

Show off for your co-workers or throw out some business lingo in the conference room. Magnetic Poetry Office contains over 230 business-like word magnets. Sound like a true professional when you use words like paradigm, cross-function, multitask, mission statement and more. Or really sound like you're on top of your game when you string a few words together, such as “an interactive multitasking mission statement.” That will keep your co-workers busy!


Magnetic Poetry Yoga

Bring out your inner peace with the Magnetic Poetry Yoga kit. As much as Yoga relaxes you, this magnet set with more than 200 words will bring out your inner harmony. Each word is a meditative collection of words about the ancient practice of movement and breathing. Words such as deep, joy, practice, fill and me will help you move, breathe and grow:





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5 Gifts You Can Bank On

Posted on July 08, 2014 by Paul Leach


From little kids to grown ups, we all love to save money. Put your money in gifts that will help your recipient learn how to save and spend wisely.


Money Maze

This combination bank and puzzle makes it easy to save money because you have to practice your skills to be able to access your cash. To get to the money, you have to move a ball through a maze. Stay sharp, focused and enjoy this fun way to save money:

Doggy Bank - Brown

Feed this hungry hound and watch him munch on your money. Add your change to his dog dish and he'll eat them up. Kids will love this fun bank and adults will love that the coins really drop down into the banks so kids will learn to save money while they're laughing it up about this doggy thinking their coins are a treat:

Smart Safe

Looking for something more advanced? Smart Safe holds your valuables and money until you enter a 4-digit pin code through your smartphone. Insert your phone, enter the pin you set up and access all of your prized possessions:


Chalk Pig Moneybox

How much money is in the bank? What are you saving up for? Write whatever you want on the Chalk Pig Moneybox. The included panels and chalk help you keep track of your savings goals. The pig is made from fine porcelain and it's re-sealable so the kids can save, spend, save, spend over and over again:

Pokie Saver

Play, save, win! Put your coins in Pokie Saver, pull the lever and see if you're a lucky winner. You can even play Pokie Saver without inserting any money:


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Introducing Sands Alive for Kids

Posted on June 09, 2014 by Paul Leach


 If you can't take your kids to the beach today, bring the beach to your kids. We've just added two new products from Sands Alive to our shop that will keep the kids entertained for hours:


Sands Alive! Starter Set

Think of this set as the beach in a box. Inside the box you'll find the softest, lightest, fluffiest sand that's easy to mould into whatever shape your kids can dream up. The sand is non-toxic and anti-bacterial so they can play safely and without the mess. This kit  includes a bag of sand and four sand tools so your family can build sandcastles at your kitchen table if you want:

Sands Alive! Box of Sand


Take your creations to the next level. Add another box of sand to your Sands Alive! Starer Set and build an entire city. The sand can be used over and over and is made from all natural materials. Enjoy a day at the beach right at home whenever you wish:


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How to Organise a Great Kid’s Party

Posted on March 01, 2014 by Paul Leach



Birthday parties for kids should be fun for them and as stress-free as possible for you. No gathering of children will ever be a smooth ride, but to organise a great party you’ve got to be prepared for almost every eventuality. Here are a few things you can do to make any kid’s party a success:

Choose a suitable venue:

 Are you prepared for noise, mess and chaos if you hold the party at your house? If you are, you’ve got to make sure your house is safe. If not, rent a hall somewhere or choose a public venue so that someone else has to clean the aftermath.

Your venue should be suited to the age of the kids attending the party. Make sure there are plenty of toilet facilities if you’re dealing with young kids, and if your guests are older make sure you can keep a watchful eye to keep them out of trouble. Don’t give them places to hide and cause trouble.

Consider a theme:

Young children love parties that involve their favourite TV or movie characters. A good theme with decorations, themed invitations and an appropriate cake can make everything look and feel organised, and can make a party feel like it was planned well in advance. If nothing else, you’ll impress the other parents!

Make your own mini-festival with a VW camper tent and loud music, or arrange a visit from your kid’s favourite superhero.

Think about food:

Are you ordering takeaway food, making a party buffet, buying every kid a meal at a restaurant or letting them raid your fridge? You could put on a BBQ or hire a professional caterer for the day. For older kids, get guests involved in preparing their own food with a sushi-making kit . It’s a cheap way to keep them busy, and they’ll have fun making and sharing their creations.

 Whatever you do, make sure it’s planned in advance and is safe. You can’t waste time preparing food when there are kids to watch, and you don’t want to deal with burns if kids get too close to the BBQ.

Plan age-appropriate activities:

If you’ve picked a venue, your activity could be obvious. Older children will love a bowling party, and younger kids will be happy with soft play or a bouncy castle.

If you’re hosting at home, think about party games for young kids. Perhaps entertain with balloon animalsor call a few friends and ask if they’d help with face painting 

Make sure older kids have plenty to do with their friends. Rent a few extra Xbox games, or get some sport equipment for a game in the park.

Prepare party bags:

 Little kids like to have something to take home, so a party bag of small gifts and novelty items (along with some cake or lollies) can make it a party to remember.  You can even get your own kid involved before the day of the party, and ask them to make a friendship bracelet  for every guest.

Most importantly!

Don’t forget that this is all about your kid.

The only way to know what makes a party perfect in the eyes of your son or daughter is to ask them.

They’ll tell you what they’d like, and you can come to agreements :
“We can’t go climbing because your cousin’s coming and she’s scared of heights. How about go-karting instead, and I’ll take you and a few friends to the climbing wall next week?”

Your kid is the expert on great birthday parties for someone their age. Don’t be afraid to consult them!  Getting their thoughts can also ensure you’re not out of touch – they’re growing up fast, and they’re probably still your ‘little baby’ but a surprise visit from Phineas and Ferb probably won’t impress your twelve year old in front of his friends.

Remember, your kid’s birthday party isn’t a serious event. It’s supposed to be fun, so don’t get caught up worrying about the little details. Enjoy yourself, and your child will enjoy themselves too.

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