Belly Art Inkless Print Kit

Posted on December 06, 2014 by Paul Leach

Featured Product - Belly Art Inkless Print Kit

The Belly Art Baby Inkless Print Kit was the winner of the 'Best Childrens Product 2014' by Gift & Lifestyle Awards and makes the perfect gift to slip into the expectant mum's hospital bag or to give to the proud new parents.

Taking the print of those little footprints has never been so easy! No mess, no fuss, no ink or paint - just perfect prints in seconds.

The set is presented in it's own gift tin.

Instructions are easy - simply wipe over your baby's foot or hand with the non-toxic inkless wipe and gently pressing onto the magic paper. Within seconds the print magically appears while your baby's foot stays clean and dry. It's amazing!

This kit enables you to take up to 4 sets of baby handprints or baby foot prints, in addition your precious print is permanent and can be digitally scanned for thank you cards, scrapbooking - ideal momentos for your baby book.




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Think Outside of the Box for Soap

Posted on June 24, 2014 by Paul Leach



Did you know soap was first manufactured around 2800 BC in Ancient Babylon but the first household synthetic soap was introduced in 1933. Statistics show by the time the average person turns 60, she's spent half a year in the shower getting clean.


Make getting clean more exciting. These gifts make you think outside of the box for your next soap:


Cupcake Soap

Give yourself a sweet treat with Cupcake Soap. This non-edible soap just looks good enough to eat. It's made by hand to resemble a cupcake and is generally packaged for gift giving:


Building Block Soap

Bath time just got a whole lot more fun for the littlies. Building Block Soap by Donkey Products is a 3-brick package of blue, red and yellow. Kids will love lathering up with this colourful, playful soap and parents can relax knowing it's pH-neutral soap:


Orla Kiely Geranium Collection Soap Bar

Add some essential oils to your bath. Orla Kiely Geranium Collection Soap Bar blends the essential oils of geranium, eucalyptus, clary sage along with coconut oil to hydrate and soften your skin:

Natural Soap by B. Gentle

Delight your skin with the touch of this natural soap from B. Gentle. All-natural ingredients make this soap gentle and smooth for the most sensitive and delicate skin. Available in Mango & Berry, Vanilla Bean and Melon:


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Brits Abroad: Give Them A Taste of Home

Posted on March 02, 2014 by Paul Leach


Thousands of Brits head to Australia every year for the weather and the relaxed lifestyle, but they do not anticipate that they will miss certain traits of their home country. What they need is a little reminder of their quirky beginnings in the form of an online gift.


Jill Leach, Director of Australian Gifts Online, says, “Many Brits don’t anticipate the things they will miss the most about the UK: what they need is a little taste of home to enjoy while they are here in Australia. Our site stocks numerous little reminders of the British Isles, from royal teabags to traditional Scrabble merchandise, so any of the thousands of expats living here can enjoy a timely reminder of their beloved home country.”


With the recent birth of the new monarch, Prince George of Cambridge, Brits abroad may have felt more out of the loop than ever before. They might even have wanted to host a little tea party in the future King’s honour – step forward Australian Gifts Online, with their charming Royal Tea Party Teabags. Featuring William, Kate and baby George, this set of two teabags is the perfect way to feel in touch with those at home and celebrate the new addition to the British Royal Family; there is even a Queen Elizabeth teabag sold separately. Brits in the UK can send gifts to Australia, and those residing Down Under can purchase the novelty items and enjoy the sight of Queen Elizabeth reclining in their cuppa – a real touch of royal-tea!


What use is a teabag without a good mug to put it in? Self-stirring mugs are also available from Australian Gifts Online, for those who want to enjoy a quintessential cup of Earl Grey before their morning surf or afternoon barbie. The insulated mug keeps drinks toasty hot, and will stir the hot drink to perfection at just the touch of a button. Enjoy your English afternoon tea in this must-have gift!


Expats can also bring back memories of their favourite English pub with a clock in the shape of a dartboard. Just the sight of the game, which originated in England (and still one of the only sports that the Brits have dominated), is sure to transport anyone back to a Saturday afternoon of darts, pork scratchings and a pint of bitter down the pub. As gifts for men go, especially those who are missing the UK, this one ranks as one of the best.



For more information about the range of gifts and products available, visit


About Australian Gifts Online: We are a leading online gift store based on the northern beaches of Sydney, Australian Gifts Online is a family-run business which has been in operation since 2006. Sourcing unique and exciting products and offering a range of great gift ideas, Australian Gifts Online is a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to treat a loved one.

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Finding the right Christmas presents just got a whole lot easier

Posted on March 02, 2014 by Paul Leach

Two reasons people usually get it “wrong”

It is certainly true that the thought counts, but everyone would prefer to receive a gift that they actually want to use. There are two key reasons that gift giving goes wrong:

  • The buyer does not think about the person they are buying for.
  • The buyer does not allow him- or herself enough time.

If you are giving a gift that is not relevant to the other person, it may as well not be given at all. We will provide you with a number of suggestions for the people who really have no idea what to gift. However, remember that it is a good idea to learn a bit more about the recipient. Think about the person’s interests, their hobbies, and personal style.



Buying Christmas Gifts For Men

While people accuse men of being poor gift givers, they are recipients of some poor gifts themselves. Car vacuums and hair dye come to mind as some of the examples we have heard before. Because it can be difficult to shop for a man who has everything or claims to need ‘nothing, there are a few things you can do to make it easier.’ It is important to pay attention to their routine. Do they take pride in their appearance? An Anthony Logistics face kit contains everything a man needs to look his best. If he has an iPad, either for business or pleasure, a leather cover is not only going to protect the investment, but make it look so much better. Pay attention to what he likes, you do not want to be the person who gifts a wine opener to a man who only drinks beer.



What to buy woman for Christmas

Instead of going with something practical, go with something that provides a bit of luxury. You would not believe how many horror stories we have heard of women opening a large box under the Christmas tree only to find a new toaster or microwave. Provide a bit of luxury with something that she might not normally get for herself such as a gift set that provides all the essentials (soap, hand cream, lotion) or a diffuser or candles that will provide a perfectly soothing and relaxing experience. Perfumes are always a good choice, but remember to do your research. Perfume can be a very individual taste and you never know how a new perfume will smell on a person.


What to get teenagers for Christmas

Once teenagers reach the age many parents and gift givers dread, most people have no idea what to give them anymore. There are few important questions to ask before giving gifts, for example, what entertains them? More and more teenagers cannot be separated from their smartphone or technology, why not build on that. A stylish cover or other accessory for a smartphone or tablet is always going to go over well.


What to get kids for Christmas

Though many people assume it would be easy to find gift ideas for kids, it turns out to be quite a bit more difficult than people assume. The best idea here is to find out more about the recipient and build on that. Are they into technology or are they more the outdoors type? Whatever they like, you can find it at the Children’s gift section of our website. Watching a child’s face light up when they claw at the wrapping paper is something that will make the research worth doing.


Why it pays to shop online

Of course, once you have the information and have a few great ideas, you may already be starting to feel overwhelmed at the thought of fighting through hoards of other Christmas shoppers. That is precisely why it is beneficial to shop Online. It ensures that you get the right gift, with great suggestions, at the right price, and do not even have to worry about rushing through the crowd. With same day dispatch and tracking provided, you can be sure that your Christmas gift is on time for the holidays.


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Sending gifts to Australia

Posted on March 01, 2014 by Paul Leach

Are you one of the friends or relatives of the 1.4 million Brits or 70,000 Americans now living in Australia?

Are you tired of never-ending post office queues, missing parcels, massive postage costs and import taxes?

Thankfully Australian Gifts Online now offers an innovative and reliable solution!

Here at Australian Gifts Online we aim to make gift giving in Australia quick and easy. Simply pick a present, add the delivery address and the site will take care of the rest. With low cost flat rate shipping anywhere in Australia for $8.95 and free shipping on orders over $80, budgets can be easily controlled whether you are in New York or Nottingham!

For the personalised touch we offer a gift wrapping service with a matching printed gift card. Simply select the gift wrapping option during checkout and add your personal message, easy!

Rest assured that delivery notes or invoices are never packed with gift wrapped orders.

 All of the products that you see on our website are stocked in our own warehouse and are ready for immediate dispatch. Because (unlike a lot of our competitors) we take care of the packing and dispatch of all orders ourselves you can be assured that your order will be processed quickly and efficiently.

All orders placed before 2pm (Sydney time) are dispatched on the same day and all others are sent out on the following business day. All parcels are sent through the Australia Post eParcel system and are fully tracked. Once your order is dispatched from our warehouse we will send you a link that will enable you to track the progress of your order.


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