Introducing Bang Bang Solar-Powered Tents

Posted on May 28, 2014 by Paul Leach


There's nothing like going camping to get away from it all with family and friends. But with today's technology, you don't want to be completely disconnected from the world. You want to the peace of mind of having a fully-charged mobile phone in case you have an emergency or maybe even fire up your computer to share pictures of your big adventure on social media.


When you're in the wilderness, though, how do you keep your gadgets charged?


Bang Bang tents are the perfect solution. Recharge yourself in a stylish tent that stands out from the crowd while also recharging your computer, phone, camera and other low-voltage electronics through the tent's 5W solar panel and charging adaptors.


Simply setup your tent and slide the solar panel in place so that it faces direct sunlight. You're ready to go with a power source that can trickle charge your devices for a constant power source. MP3 players, speakers, LED lighting and other electronics can be charged so that you're disconnected from the modern amenities of the world only when you want to be. With Bang Bang Tents you'll always have your technology at your fingertips.


Not only is Bang Bang a technologically-advanced tent, it's also a great shelter for your entire family. Up to four people can comfortably sleep in a Bang Bang tent. With many beautiful designs to choose from, you won't have any problem finding a tent that matches your own personal taste.


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