Introducing Shoulder Lunch Bags from Built NY

Posted on July 01, 2014 by ;Paul Leach


Lunchtime just got more stylish with our newest lunch bags from Built NY. Whether you're packing lunch for work or heading to the beach and need to keep your baby's bottles chilled, these new lunch bags keep their contents nice and cool:


Built NY Hobo Shoulder Lunch Bag – Black


Black goes with any outfit and the stylish look of this shoulder lunch bag makes you look like you're carrying a fashionable purse instead of food. The Built NY Hobo Shoulder Lunch Bag is made from black neoprene material, the same material wet suits are constructed from. The material is soft, washable and stain resistant. It's also food safe with no PVC, BPA, latex or vinyl. Food will stay cool for up to four hours:

Built NY Soho Shoulder Lunch Tote – Mini Dot Black & White


If you like to add personality to your wardrobe, this bold, fun black and white mini dot print is for you. Just like the Hobo Shoulder Lunch Bag, the Soho style is made of neoprene material that's washable and stain resistant and is also PVC, BPA and latex free. Put your food inside, zip the bag and the contents will stay chilled for up to four hours, making it ideal for sandwiches, drinks and even baby's milk: