The Entire ChatterMate Collection From Australian Gifts Online

Posted on May 19, 2014 by ;Paul Leach


Stop copying everything I say! You've probably been annoyed as a child when someone would endlessly mimic your every word. Now you'll want to be copied with the ChatterMate collection.


These fun little guys not only copy everything you say, they kick up the fun with their high-pitched voices as their heads bop up and down. ChatterMates are great for kids but even the grown-ups will want one of their own for their desk at work. These furry friends come in a variety of animals. We even have a ChatterMate Santa! View our line of ChatterMates now. Add each one to your collection and let the laughs begin:


Kangaroo Chattermate

Kookaburra Chattermate

Penguin Chattermate

Chattermunk Chattermate

Croc Chattermate

Kiwi Chattermate

Koala ChatterMate

Santa ChatterMate