How to Organise a Baby Shower

Posted on February 15, 2014 by ;Paul Leach


Congratulations on the much anticipated arrival of your little one! It’s time to get started on planning a baby shower so you can receive the necessary  items that will help you care for your baby and share your happiness and excitement with your friends and family members. Planning a baby shower should not be a stressful experience. Here are a few helpful tips to plan a successful and memorable baby shower.

First, set a date! Usually baby showers are two months prior to your due date. If your baby is predicted to arrive on June 12, your shower should be no later than April 12! Trying to schedule a date around others’ schedules can be difficult and frustrating, so you should pick a date that works best for you, and try not to worry about accommodating everyone’s needs, as it is virtually impossible.

Next, set a budget. With today’s economy, mothers to be are pinching pennies more than ever. You can choose a venue that offers a four course meal, or opt to have your friends, family members, and co-workers join you at your own home. Often, expecting mothers rent a large tent (weather permitting), tables, and chairs, to accommodate guests at their home. If your shower is taking place during cold, winter months, and your home is not large enough to accommodate at least 50 guests comfortably; you may need to consider utilizing an inexpensive banquet facility, or a restaurant with a large room for special events.

Once you have your venue selected, you may want to consider a theme. One popular theme is called “Around the House.” In this case, guests would receive a notification in the shower invitation designating them a certain room in your home (bathroom, baby’s room, living room, kitchen, etc.) and they would be asked to purchase an item that for your baby that would be appropriate for the category. For example, if you received the category of bedroom, you may want to pick up bedding or books from the registry. Or, if you received the category of bathroom, you may want to pick up bath toys, a Babu hooded towel, or some wash cloths. If you receive the category of the kitchen, you may want to pick up a baby bottle warmer  or a baby bib.

Some other popular themes rely around the packaging of the presents. You may wish to request a display shower, where guests bring gifts unwrapped and you put them on “display” around your venue. This is especially popular and appropriate when hosting a shower in your home, and guests can actually place their items purchased in the baby’s nursery.

 Asking guests to assemble themed baskets are also popular with modern mums to be. Organic baby baskets , baby bath time baskets , and boy or girl themed baskets are all easy to purchase and ensure you are getting some useful items for your baby.

Next, think about the food! Cooking things on your own is cost effective, but also time consuming. It is best to relax on the day of your shower and put your trust in a reputable caterer. They will set everything up prior to guest arrival, and take their chafing dishes and heat lamps back post shower, virtually leaving you with minimal clean up. Some of the most popular foods for baby showers are finger foods and tapas. This leaves a wide selection of tidbits to choose from and there is something for everyone! Sushi, meatballs, dips, crudité, mini mac and cheese bites, fruit trays, and pastries are always a reliable choice.

You may also wish to play games during your shower. The most cost effective game where anyone can win a prize can be conducted in the simplest way (and it should be all about simple!). When opening presents, randomly set a timer. Once the timer goes off, a prize is awarded to whoever’s gift you are currently opening. If you are having a display shower, consider putting a raffle ticket at each guest’s table setting and randomly draw numbers throughout the shower. Baby Bingo is also a popular game at showers. Simply hand each guest a blank Bingo board as they arrive to fill in items that a baby needs. As you are unwrapping gifts, call out what you receive and guests cross it out on their board if they have the corresponding item. The first person to have a Bingo wins a prize.

Finally, be sure to send each guest off with a thank you gift! Favors such as mini wine bottles, blue or pink nail polish, candles, and even luxurious bath products are always crowd pleasers.

Your baby shower should be an exciting day, not a stressful day. By following these simple steps, you can ensure a successful shower you are sure to always remember.


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